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Seven Steps to Heaven

Miles Davis coined it, and Prince lived it. The NHS set text on mindfulness, calls it the seven “dimensions”. See it as the 'mindful modes'.

We have seven days left before the #NightOutinYogaPants - #NOYP kicks off a new concept in nights out 18th June at BGM Recording Studios, EC1.

PURPLE ENERGY SHOT is the theme. It takes the energetic and creative flow we know as Prince as the launch pad for exploring a mindful way of being.

So for the next seven days, here's a look at how Prince modeled the mindful mode in each of the seven "dimensions"!

Here they all are. Being mindful is simply getting into the habit of noticing what mode our minds have slipped into and switching from left mode to right mode as required!

  1. Automatic pilot - VERSUS - conscious choice
  2. Analysing - VERSUS - sensing
  3. Striving - VERSUS - accepting
  4. Seeing thoughts as solid and real - VERSUS - treating them as mental events
  5. Avoidance - VERSUS - approaching
  6. Mental time travel - VERSUS - remaining in the present moment
  7. Depleting - VERSUS - nourishing activities

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