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DOSE 3 of Purple Mindful Mode - Striving Vs Accepting

Becoming a symbol is possibly the ‘ultimate’ piece of mindfulness from the Purple Master! 

The third of the seven “dimensions” to mindfulness (see Seven Steps to Heaven) is Striving versus Accepting.

Our default ‘doing’ tendency is to judge and compare the ‘real’ world with the world we’d like in our thoughts and dreams. It narrows attention down to the gap between them and you can end up with a kind of toxic variety of tunnel vision ‘perfection’.

When we practice mindfulness and let ‘being’ mode re-emerge in our lives, we allow ourselves to stand aside for a moment and watch the world just as it is

This opens the door to approaching a problem or situation without preconceptions or coming to only one preconceived conclusion. Crucially, this saves you from closing down your creative options

What Prince shows us with his period being the love symbol is that consciously giving yourself space and energy for creative solutions to emerge is a long way from resigning yourself to your fate.

Simply and compassionately acknowledging that an experience is here without letting it seize control of your life means you don’t lose energy resisting, judging, attacking or trying to disprove the validity of it. 

It’s almost a radical form of acceptance. It’s one that allows you to stop a negative spiral starting, or at least reduce its momentum. 

Energy isn’t lost spiralling into the clutches of something negative or restrictive. You free yourself up to come up with creative and effective ways to deal with problems and move on at the right moment.  

The purple love symbol might be an extreme example. We’re not all megastars requiring solutions of the same scale.

But, thanks to that little piece of resourcefulness when up against it, the music continued to flow through the Purple flute with all its freshness and individuality in tact - to the benefit of all of us.

Its an unforgetable handle to hang onto when we’re out there in the rapids trying to stay in creative, mindful flow ourselves...there's got to be a love symbol there somewhere to pull out of the hat!

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