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Dose 4 of Purple Mindful Mode - Thoughts as Real Vs Thoughts as Mental Events

One of Prince's famouse quotes was

Despite everything, no-one can dictate who you are to other people.

And, we’ve heard Prince say 

All these non-singing, non-dancing, wish-I-had-me-some-clothes fools who tell me my albums suck. Why should I pay any attention to them?

It’s a good reminder about just how unhelpful listening to critics, including self-doubt, is. 

The raw individuality of Prince’s music which we enjoy could not have surfaced endlessly as it did if he had let self-doubt creep in along the way.

The fourth of the seven “dimensions” of mindfulness is seeing thoughts as solid and real versus seeing them as mental events (see Seven Steps to Heaven for the full set).

The uniquness of Prince's mega stardom - while being naturally timid as the story goes -  shows just how you can go by freeing yourself up to be your authentique yourself, living your own unique purpose with complete integrity.

It just would not have been possible if he had taken as “reality” the thoughts that we all tend to create when under pressure or the spotlight, like “I should be able to cope better than this”, “I’m weak”, “I’m no good”. 

This internal running commentary can plummet your mood, so that instead of being your servant, your thoughts become your master - and an unforgiving one!  

Nothing much creative, confident, fresh, energetic, innovative and useful can come from, or be fed and sustained, from here. 

It’s useful not to doubt your thoughts in ‘doing’ mode such as finding your way on a journey where planning and thinking will get you there.

But mindfulness teaches us the inutility of taking thoughts to be ‘you’ or ‘reality’. They are valuable for ‘doing’, but for ‘being’ they can actually dislocate you from ‘reality’.

Practising mindfulness (and it's a life-long practice) helps us understand thoughts as just thoughts.

They are ‘pop up’ events in the mind. If we take them to be true, we conjure up for ourselves an imagined reality through endless worrying, brooding, and ruminating. 

With mindful practice we can spot the default tendency creeping in, gently dismiss our thoughts as we would children being silly and get back on our individual path through life. 

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