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Dose 5 of Purple Mindful Mode - Avoidance Vs Approaching

Prince played the Superbowl the year of the storming downpour. Up to then it hadn’t rained on the Superbowl for 40 years. 

Describing the experience of being there, rock critic Alan Light said:

He turned the bad weather to his advantage, it was almost like a special effect. He could totally lean into it.

Production designer Bruce Rodgers remembers calling Prince beforehand to check he was ok to perform and getting the response:

Can you make it rain some more?

Rodgers will never forget the moment:

It’s about one guy in the middle of a hundred thousand people, another hundred million on television and its your moment to be Prince at the Superbowl. Mother nature is dropping thousands and thousands of gallons of rain.

I always thought, how cool the guy is to rise up and just get stormed upon and bring what it brought.

Avoidance versus approaching is mindful dimension number five. (See Seven Steps to Heaven for the full set). 


It’s about “turning towards” things you feel like avoiding, rather than hanging onto “anti-goals” and the places you don’t want to go to. 


It comes in with difficult states of mind like worry, fear, sadness or tiredness. Avoidance works in ‘doing’ mode for finding your way along the road network that will get you where you want to go and not where you don’t want to go.


But, using the same strategy when ‘being’ and for avoiding places you don’t want to visit in your mind can enhance stresses and anxieties leading you to burnout and exhaustion.


Mindfulness does not say “don’t worry”, “don’t be sad” or “don’t be afraid”. Instead it acknowledges your fear, sadness or worry and encourages you to turn toward these feelings and emotions instead of letting them engulf you. 


This compassionate approach gradually dissipates the power of negative feelings. Then, anything can happen. Watch and be inspired by the full story of this particular piece of mindfulness from Prince on You Tube


It was this particular one that inspired our “Purple Energy Shot” themed #NightOutInYogaPants this Saturday, June 18th. Your mat becomes your dance floor, integrating yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, fun and energy into a new kind of well being social.


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