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Dose 7 of Purple Mindful Mode - Depleting Vs Nourishing Activities

On international yoga day, we arrive at purple mindful mode seven: depleting versus nourishing activities. This is the last of the seven “dimensions” of mindfulness, and the reason we created the #NightOutinYogaPants event.

We’ve already looked at the other six modes where we can practice watching ourselves and make a conscious effort to shift from left (doing) mode to right (being) mode to stay in energetic flow, like the Purple Master Seven Steps to Heaven.


Remembering to regularly recharge yourself with time to nourish your soul is the fuel to it all. 

Trying to achieve any of the other six modes will be like pushing water up hill without giving yourself the space and courage for the seventh. 

Practicing the others will help you sense clearly (Analysing Vs Sensing) the things that nourish you and those that deplete your inner resources - so you can balance them out and make a conscious choice (Auto-pilot Vs Conscious Choice) to do something that recharges you.

When we get stuck in the grid lock of ‘doing’ mode its not just the auto-pilot that drives us. We also tend to get caught up in important career or life goals, and other equally worthwhile and important projects such as home-making, care of children and relatives. 

But focusing on them to the exclusion of our own health and well-being, foregoing hobbies, pastimes and nourishing social time is very depleting and can leave you drained, listless and exhausted.

As well-being pros, Sharon and I at URBAN RE’TREATS’ IN hear every day how much everyone wants to fit in that dose of wellness into their lives - eating well, moving well, thinking well.  But, it’s a constant struggle to keep it in the schedule.

This is how #NightOutinYogaPants was born. We wanted to create a one-stop #NOYP slot at the weekend - where you can dose up in one go. Re-energising exercise and healthy eating, as well as your social and letting go moment - it’s all in one place.

Each #NOYP event has its own music based theme, carefully chosen for its soul nourishing vibe. The first was ‘The Purple Energy Shot’, taking from the energetic flow that is Prince. Next up Bob Marley.

In their own words, here’s a taste of an #NOYP from the mat/dance floor: 

Thank you for such a beautiful evening of yoga, music and connecting with positive people. This is the perfect way to spend an evening and I can’t wait until the next one!

Choosing a theme song/artist to negotiate your way around yoga mindfulness - clever stuff.

Ending the event with Purple Rain and lying down in that position was just crazy. 

This has been one of the most peaceful experiences of my life! I felt my body turn into purple bubbles that floated away - Awesome! Thank you!

This whole theme of having a song and an artist and using that to negotiate your way around yoga mindfulness - clever stuff.

It was lovely to come to a yoga class with a social side too. I loved it.

I think the whole experience was amazing, I felt really comfortable when I was doing the yoga and the food and drink to welcome us and afterwards to restore us …it was amazing.

The food was off the hook. Have the chocolate dates. Do the right right thing, it’s a madness. 

Lovely yoga. I never thought I could do yoga but I could do this yoga. I recommend it for anyone who thinks they cannot do yoga. 

Great show. I hope it runs and runs.

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