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Prince, yoga, mindfulness and energetically healthy eats - intrigued to know just how they all fit together?

Some of you may well be wondering what the connection is between this new hashtag #NightOutinYogaPants - #NOYP - Prince and the mindful yoga flow of this launch pad for @URBANRE’TR’EATSIN.

Well Prince of course is like a mindful super hero and makes up enough on his own for another blog to himself on what he teaches us about a mindful way of being - which is the secret to how he did all that! See The purple energy shot launch pad, and the whole series 7-day-dose-of-daily-purple

But first let’s come back to basics and the link between yoga and mindfulness. Actually, they are one and the same thing in the ancient teachings of yoga practised for 1000s of years. 

These days the terms are seen as separate entities, fuelled not least by images of #yoga which seem to be about nothing more than elaborate postures by body beautifuls if you follow it on instagram.  

For a less limiting perception of yoga, I always describe the teachings passed onto me that I share in my classes as mindful-yoga.

It’s a physical posture flow like any other, but it’s powered by re-energising breath techniques which open the door to flexibility, strength and vitality in the body - while keeping the mind quiet and relaxed. 

How does it do that? Through that old mind, body connection thing which science confirms. Mind and body are completely interdependent.

It’s not just thoughts and moods that feed off each other and end up wrecking wellbeing - the body also gets involved. This is because the mind …is a fundamental part of the body and they both continuously share emotional information with each other. ” - Mindfulness, A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World.

I was so chuffed to have the first reaction spontaneously popping out from a beginner student this week, almost surprising himself as he described his first ever yoga experience: “It’s like this is really just for me, on another level… it’s the first time I’ve really felt that”. 

Once you open that door, your possibilities are endless. And, you can fuel it even further by supporting yourself with truly energising and nourishing eats ’n drinks when you now more about what’s inside real food.

#NightOutinYogaPants is one of a series of rest ’n play events to come from the URBAN RE’TR’EATS IN team - the result of energetic flow between a mindful yoga teacher and naturopathic nutritionist. 

After the chilled mindful yoga flow, the night continues with the healthy eats ’n drinks and mingling, or dancing  - all to a Prince beat with some classic purple and some smooth, jazzy Prince too.

You’ll be finished by 11pm, ready either to flow on home in that mindful space or go on somewhere feeling re-vitalised and ready to resonate out good vibes for the rest of the evening. 

Treat it like a taster for getting your dose of well-being while socialising and having fun - with your mat as your dance floor. 

Book in now for the few spots remaining June 18th, 8.30 - 11pm at BGM Recording Studios, St Johns Street, Farringdon EC1.

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