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Why URBAN RE'TREATS' IN is making the PURPLE ENERGY SHOT its launch pad

It's our take on what Prince teaches us about Love, Life, And Being Unapologetically Yourself.

He could sing, dance, write, produce and play every instrument. He could do pop, funk, folk, rock and jazz - all to the highest level. And, he put it out at a prolific rate for more than 30 years, constantly growing and evolving. 

Each time he gave us something else new he touched hearts and souls, and nothing came without the DNA of Prince running right through it. Vocals or chords, he was unmistakable from the first note - across every genre, in his own versions and even hit songs for others. 

We know him for standing up for what he believed in, living with integrity and authenticity to the point of changing his name to a symbol of love to make sure nothing stood in the way of his energetic and creative flow. 

His talent and contribution was beyond being confined to the limits of record label rhythms - one album every two years, touring for one in between. He had so much more to contribute that to fit into that scenario would have blocked his flute. So he found a way to break through and stay in his flow. 

We don't all have the same type of flow as Prince, but whatever the rythmn of our own particular flow, we need to let it work at its own pace and to its own tune. 

And, that’s why URBAN RE’TREATS' IN takes Prince’s energetic flow as its launch pad to give you an insight into what we’re about and trying to do…

Each event is a RE’TREAT  - treating yourself to some time out, to some fit and healthy fun, to some nourishing ‘EAT’s for mind, body and soul. It’s about experiencing flow and getting some insights to staying in it - anytime, anyplace, even in the heart of the City!

#NightOutinYogaPants is one of a series of rest ’n play events to come from the URBAN RE’TREATS' IN team - the result of energetic flow between a mindful yoga teacher and naturopathic nutritionist. urban-retreats-in-#NightOutinYogaPants

After the chilled mindful yoga flow, the night continues with the healthy eats ’n drinks and mingling, or dancing  - all to a Prince beat with some classic purple and some smooth, jazzy Prince too.

You’ll be finished by 11pm, ready either to flow on home in that mindful space or go on somewhere feeling re-vitalised and ready to resonate out good vibes for the rest of the evening. 

Treat it like a taster for getting your dose of well-being while socialising and having fun - with your mat as your dance floor. 

Booking now for June 18th at the uniquely urban pop up venue for this launch event at BGM recording studios, EC1 8.30-1pm

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