Barefoot Rhapsody Blog

Musings in "barefoot mode" -  taking a moment to step out of those restrictive shoes we wear, experience, feel and visualise life without them on


Your mind-body connection is the most powerful tool you have to thrive not survive, to feel good, be good and do good - at rest and play, and at work. It's all about the vibe.

Paying attention to the vibe is not something just for cool dudes or hippies. It's the basic science of life: E=mc2. 

The Vibe Space is dedicated to sharing the tools and techniques for keeping our natural ‘vibe’ technology in optimum condition. 

We run team 'Vibe Events' for the workplace, and 'Vibe Personal Space' classes for individuals looking to maximise their free-time energetic vibe. 

It's about creating some headspace in the movement space. You get some instant clarity in the mind at the same time as toning up your body. 

It's not about what looks like 'yogacise' or 'yoganastics'. It's about what's going on in your mind and your attitude in the movement moment.

It's a mind and body and spirit game, learning to resist outside pressures and follow your own path, the one of least resistance physically and psychologically.

The result is a healthy mind and body with zero pushing, pulling or forcing. Less is more - headspace and fitness for life by channeling your innate energetic vibe.