Headspace Yoga 

Try this mindful posture flow for a healthy body & mind, bendy body optional!

  • Work on flexibility of the spine, body and mind 
  • Tone connective tissue, strengthen muscles and bones, stimulate the circulatory, digestion and immune systems  
  • Create some headspace by keeping the mind quiet, relaxed and tuned in


To release your vitality

The focus is on mastering a series of core postures to which variations are gradually added. 

The postures follow an exact order, moving every major part of the body in a balanced way that enhances ‘prana’ - your life force energy.

It keeps the mind quiet without the need to ‘think’ beyond each individual pose.



Energising and calming for the nervous system

Belly breath training calms the nervous system to counter our instinctive 'fight or flight' stress response. 

Postures are combined with breathing exercises which open your energy channels. It induces a unique state of deep relaxation with alertness and awareness. 



Relaxing the mind - maintaining your equilibrium

By combining physical, meditative and mindful techniques, you achieve a healthy body, plus a sense of ease, clarity and that 'joi de vivre'!


Make it possible with a 1-2-1

Finding it a challenge to get to a regular yoga class or one that really suits you? Try some yoga 1-2-1s at a time, place and pace for you ...maybe the park or home this summer for some fit, fun 'n mindful time? From £45/hour depending on location and frequency.